Our in-office lab

  • Faster imaging, faster results, better smiles

    Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics is proud to have an on-site laboratory, which helps us provide the exceptional orthodontic care that is our standard! Our experienced lab technicians skillfully fabricate every appliance we use, such as space maintainers, retainers and habit appliances. Our in-office appliances are extremely precise and work with the symmetry of your teeth, which allows for more efficient and comfortable treatment.

  • Why we love our lab

    1. Quick, easy turn-around

    After meeting your orthodontist for the first time, you’re probably excited to begin the path to a beautiful smile, and who wants to wait for that? By creating our own appliances, we offer quick service and a fast turnaround in the case of an emergency.

    2. In-house adjustments

    Everyone’s teeth are different, and so are the accessories we need to create and maintain a straight smile. Because our team has direct access to a lab, you’ll be able to get appliances adjusted without shipping them off. Orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be painful, and with in-house adjustments, we make sure our patients leave comfortably every time!

    3. Highest-quality appliances

    At Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on having some of the top doctors, team members, and technology in the country. As great as the convenience of an on-site lab is, the best part of being our patient is your access to cutting-edge technology like 3D printing, indirect bonding, and treatment time reducers. Our laboratory allows us to fabricate custom space maintainers, retainers, and habit appliances with an unmatched level of precision and quality control.

  • 3D printing

    One of the highlights of Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics’ laboratory is our state-of-the-art 3D printer! By utilizing this technology, our patients can avoid the messy and gooey impressions of the past, and instead get a custom-made appliance that comes directly from zero-mess scans.

    Our 3D printer allows us to do more than deliver an amazing product – you can also skip the wait that typically comes with taking impressions, shipping them to a lab, and waiting. At our office, you will be on your way to a Hollywood Smile in a matter of hours!