Financial Information

Working with OrthoFi

Choosing Affordable Care Has Never Been Easier

By partnering with OrthoFi, we can ensure we provide you with the best, most comfortable experience with lasting results at a price that is affordable for you. OrthoFi allows you to choose the best treatment options for your family, design your own payment plan to fit your budget, and view your payment plan details online. Find out how simple and easy working with OrthoFi is below.

Partnering with OrthoFi

We want to simplify your orthodontic experience, so here’s what’s in it for you:

  1. Flexible financing that fits your lifestyle
  2. Extended-hours customer support to personally assist you with any questions
  3. Easy, 24-hour self-service access to your contract or payment plan

If you have questions regarding payments, flexible financing, or insurance, contact OrthoFi Customer Support:

Phone: 1.877.766.5220 (Monday-Thursday 7am-8pm, Friday 7am-6pm)

Email: [email protected]

You can access your account and payment plan by logging onto OrthoFi’s 24-hour, self-service online patient portal:

(Enter your patient username and password)

Items that are not included in your treatment fee

  • Any procedure that is performed outside of our office. Includes, but is not limited to, cleanings, fillings and surgery.
  • Lost or broken appliances during treatment.
  • Extended treatment time due to lack of cooperation.
  • Any type of re-treatment after braces are removed due to lack of cooperation after proper retention measures have been taken by our office.