Exceptional Patient Care

Dr. Alizadeh, and Dr. Schreiner closely monitor your or your child’s treatment progress, helping to keep treatment successful and on time. We believe this system, called the “Patient Manager System,” will provide the best experience and treatment outcome for you and/or your child.

To accomplish our goals with this unique system, it is very important that each patient schedule all of his/her appointments with their two personal assistants. To help you get the appointment time with your assistants that works best for you, every effort should be made to schedule your next appointment as soon as possible, preferably immediately after your office visit. If you are unable to schedule your next appointment prior to leaving the office, please call as soon as possible to select your appointment time.

Delaying setting up your next appointment may result in fewer choices of ideal times for you and possible delays in overall treatment progress. Also, please be sure to keep your scheduled appointment. Last-minute cancellations or missed appointments are very difficult to reschedule at convenient times for you with your personal assistant, also resulting in delays in your treatment progress.

Our assistants are certified orthodontic assistants and are Expanded Function-certified by the State of Missouri. They are all highly skilled professionals with an outstanding knowledge of orthodontics. Although your assistants will be doing many of your child’s orthodontic procedures, they will be following the specific instructions of Dr. Alizadeh or Dr. Schreiner. Rest assured that Dr. Alizadeh or Dr. Schreiner sees every regularly scheduled patient to monitor their progress and plan their treatment.

The “Patient Manager System” has been designed to help us fulfill our goal of providing quality, on-time treatment, in a caring and fun environment. It is our hope that your personal assistants will get to know you and/or your child very well. Don’t hesitate to call your assistants with any questions during treatment. They are here to help you in any way they can. Of course, Dr. Alizadeh or Dr. Schreiner are always available to answer any questions regarding your or your child’s orthodontic treatment.