Why Your Dentist Matters During Ortho Treatment

Your orthodontist is an expert at making sure your teeth are straight and your bite is aligned correctly, but he or she doesn’t manage your oral health alone. Your dentist is also a big part of keeping your teeth healthy and cared for! Here are a few ways your dentist and orthodontist will work together:

Dentists Can Recommend Ortho Consultations

Not sure if you’re ready to see the orthodontist? Your dentist will be happy to weigh in! Before you notice cosmetic issues in your smile, your dentist may become aware of issues with your teeth shifting, crowding, or growing in in the wrong way. They will often have a recommendation for when you should make an appointment with your orthodontist, and may even be able to help you find a practice that fits your needs.

What Goes On During Appointments is Different

To you, it may feel the same. But the things dentists and orthodontists look for are actually quite different! Your orthodontist will not check for oral decay or provide any cleaning, so it’s important to work with a dentist for those services. Then, we can focus on your jaw alignment, straightness of your teeth, and health of your bite without worrying about the condition of your teeth.

Dental Care impacts Your Orthodontic Plan

You may feel like you’re ready for braces or clear aligner treatment, but if there are unresolved issues with your oral health, see a dentist first! Your orthodontist will not be able to begin treatment when you have cavities or infections, and will want to make sure you are healthy before putting on any brackets or appliances. See your dentist regularly (every 6 months) to make sure your teeth are in tip-top shape so you can begin treatment as soon as your orthodontist recommends it.

Need a recommendation for an outstanding West County dentist? Not sure if you should schedule with a dentist or an orthodontist? Just give our office a call and we will walk you through the appropriate next steps!