Why Ortho Health Month Matters

Every October, ortho teams like ours get excited to celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month. This entire month is dedicated to learning more about orthodontic treatment, promoting good oral health, and celebrating beautiful, healthy smiles. Our team is always excited to start new patients on their journey, but especially happy to use this month to introduce orthodontics to new people.

Here are a few ways Ortho Health Month can help you experience the best orthodontic treatment:

Learn Your Options

When a teen (or adult!) starts to think about orthodontic treatment, the process can seem overwhelming. Braces or clear aligners? What does insurance cover? How long will it take? How will my treatment fit in with school/work schedules? There are a lot of factors to consider, even if it’s your second or third time putting a child through treatment!

Our team is prepared to help you any of these questions – plus the ones you didn’t know to ask – so you can select a treatment path that’s right for you. This Ortho Health Month, reach out to our front desk and we can help you prepare for the day you come to the office all the day till the day you reveal your new beautiful smile.

Promote Healthy Habits

The straightness of your teeth is only part of the battle – your overall oral health is an even bigger part of how good your smile looks and feels. Ortho Health Month is a good time to remind patients we can ONLY work on teeth that are already healthy. If you have cavities, infections, or gum disease, your first stop will be to a dentist who will help you resolve those issues.

Of course, what’s easier than resolving health issues is preventing them from ever happening in the first place! To keep your teeth in tip-top shape and ready for orthodontic treatment, be sure to brush twice daily (especially after snacking on some Halloween candy!), floss every day, drink lots of water, and avoid foods that are extremely sugary or acidic.

Celebrate Your Smile

Smiles come in all shapes and sizes – and seeing our patients show off theirs is the best part of our jobs! Straighter smiles have been proven to increase confidence, boost dating lives, and improve overall happiness. The best way to share your happiness is by smiling, so this Ortho Health Month, let’s pass that happiness on to others!

If you’re ready to learn how orthodontic treatment could benefit you, reach out to our team and schedule your complimentary office tour and consultation. We know you will love it here, and can’t wait to meet you!