Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

Temporary anchorage devices (TADs) offer an alternative way to achieve orthodontic success. They give Dr. Alizadeh and Dr. Schreiner greater flexibility in your treatment plan, providing a different anchorage point as we move your teeth around. You can get a better smile faster when you trust us to install a temporary anchorage device.

How Do TADs Work?

TAD screws are small titanium anchors installed in your jaw to provide better leverage during orthodontic treatment. They serve as anchor points for orthodontic devices. They give orthodontists something to push and pull against, which helps move the teeth more efficiently.

TAD can make the orthodontic process more pleasant for patients. For instance, with a TAD, you may not have to wear headgear, which our patients appreciate. You might also get to skip rubber bands. Any way to reduce the time and effort patients spend on their orthodontic care is a win for our team.

How Do We Install TADs?

To place the TAD, we first numb the area along the gum and jaw where the TAD will go. Then we affix the TAD through the gum tissue and into the jawbone, which takes just a couple of minutes. You will feel pressure on the gum as we insert the device, but the discomfort will disappear within 24 hours, and you won't feel the TAD anymore.

Tips for TAD Care

No special tools are necessary to maintain your TAD. You can keep your TAD clean and in good repair by following regular oral hygiene guidelines. Brush your teeth twice a day and floss every morning or night, making sure to get any food that can get stuck in the device.

Keeping the teeth and gums surrounding the TAD clean and clear of plaque is critical because bacteria-filled plaque can cause an infection. Using toothpaste with bacteria-killing power can reduce the likelihood of tooth infection. If you notice discomfort around the TAD days after it has been installed, please let us know immediately.

Temporary Anchorage Device FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about temporary anchorage devices.

How many discomforts Will I Experience With TADs? 

The initial insertion of the TAD may cause discomfort that lasts for up to a day, but it is mild and not sharp.

How Do We Remove the TAD? 

It takes just a few minutes to take out the TAD. We apply a topical numbing cream and unscrew the TAD out of your jaw easily.

How Long Do I Need To Keep the Tad in Place?

TADs usually last for a few months during treatment. They generally are part of a phase and not used throughout the entire treatment plan.

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TAD screws can help treat many conditions, from over and underbites to gaps in the teeth. You can get started on your treatment by making an appointment with us today for treatment in Chesterfield.

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