My Ortho Rewards Program

Patient compliance and cooperation throughout orthodontic treatment is essential to successful outcomes.

Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics has implemented an exciting incentive program that rewards our patients with Ortho Reward points for overall compliance with their orthodontic treatment.

As our patients progress through their orthodontic treatment, they will have the opportunity to earn reward points to purchase some great prizes in our reward program. This is our way of saying “THANK YOU FOR BEING A SUPER PATIENT!”

How to Earn Reward Points

You will receive reward points when you start your orthodontic journey. Below is a list of how you can earn reward points at each regularly scheduled appointment.

  1. Nothing broken since your last regular appointment:  90 POINTS
  2. Good Oral Hygiene:  90 POINTS
  3. On time for appointment:  30 POINTS
  4. Wear your Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics T-Shirt:  30 POINTS
  5. Schedule your next appointment before leaving:  30 POINTS
  6. Refer your friends to our office for a consultation:  150 POINTS
  7. Visit your dentist for your regular 6 month check-up:  150 POINTS
  8. Bring removable appliances to appointment:  30 POINTS
  9. “Like” us on Facebook:  30 POINTS
  10. Check-In on Facebook:  30 POINTS


  1. Ortho Reward points are awarded at your regular appointments.
  2. You do not earn Ortho Reward points at extra visits.
  3. The number of Ortho Reward points you earn is up to you.
  4. Once you enroll, you will receive an email the next day confirming your activation.
  5. My Ortho Reward points are entered by your assistant.
  6. Once you spend your Ortho Reward points, you must earn more to purchase more prizes.
  7. The sign-in computer tracks sign-in times.
  8. The assistants and doctors will have final determination for all points.
  9. You must bring a signed form from your regular dentist showing that you kept your 6 month check up.
  10. If you refer someone to our office be sure they mention your name.
  11. The last appointment eligible for earning your Ortho Reward points is your removal appointment. Once your braces are removed, you are no longer eligible to receive this incentive. Be sure to go online to cash in your points and your selection will be delivered directly to your home.
  12. Be sure to add the domain name “my ortho rewards” to ensure proper delivery for your email.

Click here to manage your rewards points