Meet Dr. Rohra

“Through my experience treating hundreds of patients, I have witnessed how orthodontics exemplifies the convergence of art and science. My conviction to pursue a career in orthodontics was reinforced by my dental education where I discovered my true clinical passion. I am fascinated by the biomechanics of tooth movement and the ability to modify one’s skeletal and facial profile. In combination with the esthetics of a well-treated case, orthodontics constantly reminds me of how marvelously impressionable the human body is.”

Board Certified: North East Regional Board
Residency Training: Case Western Reserve University – Master of Science in Dentistry (MSD) and specialty certificate in orthodontics
DDS: University of Michigan (UofM)
BA: Economics (Minor – Biology), Saint Louis University
Member: American Association of Orthodontists, Midwestern Society of Orthodontist, American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association

Ash Rohra, DDS, MSD is originally from Saint Louis, Missouri and is enthusiastic about treating patients in his hometown. Dr. Rohra is well traveled and appreciates community outreach. In addition to receiving multiple scholarships and awards during his time at UofM, Dr. Rohra participated in international dental mission trips where he provided essential dental treatment to underserved populations in Jamaica, Honduras, and the Honduran Bay Islands of Roatan.

Futhermore, after receiving the B. Holly Broadbent Award for excellence in orthodontic research Dr. Rohra presented his findings to orthodontic faculty and residents in Belo Horizonte, Brazil during the fall of 2016.

Dr. Rohra believes that orthodontics is a wonderful profession that uniquely blends art and science whereby he can positively impact patient’s oral health, confidence, and self-worth.

When he is not creating beautiful smiles, Dr. Rohra enjoys time with family, traveling and golf. Dr. Rohra is an avid sports fan and particularly enjoys supporting his Michigan Wolverines.