Insurance Information

At Alizadeh and Schreiner Orthodontics we have partnered with OrthoFi to help you maximize your insurance benefits. As a service to you, OrthoFi will contact your insurance company to verify any orthodontic benefits you may have. We will explain your plan and benefits to you and will also accept assignment of  your insurance benefits.

Orthodontic insurance is very different from most insurance coverage. many insurance policies have a lifetime orthodontics benefit that is distinct from regular dental insurance. Most often, whether we are listed on your plan or not, you will receive your full orthodontic benefit. We are happy to educate you about how your benefits can applied to your orthodontic fee.

It is very important  to notify OrthoFi (1-877-766-5220) if there are any changes in your insurance coverage. This would include a new insurance carrier, a new job, any loss of coverage, or if additional coverage has been obtained.

If for some reason your insurance does not apply the amount that was expected, the unpaid balance can be  incorporated into your balance, and a new contract can be created, along with a new payment plan. Please remember that we can’t guarantee your insurance will pay the benefit amount they provided during verification. Most insurance companies make either monthly or quarterly payments based on their own formula they use to calculate a payment schedule.

Insurance can be complicated. You can trust our experts to help you navigate your benefits.


Transfers or Discontinuation of Treatment

Sometimes, a patient moves during orthodontic treatment.  The terms of our contract are subject to change if you transfer to another orthodontist during treatment.  Your fee will be prorated according to the amount of the treatment that has already been performed.  At the time of the transfer, it is possible that monies are owed to Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics or our office may owe you a refund.  There is an established formula for these calculations.