Impressionless Scanning

We are proud to offer the iTero impressionless scanning technology in our office. Impressionless scanning is an innovative technology used for Invisalign®, appliances, and retainers. Impressionless scanning digitally captures the shape of the teeth and gums, providing a multitude of patient benefits and orthodontic improvements.

Impressionless scanning is much more detailed and more accurate than the conventional Invisalign impression method allowing for improved clinical results. Scanning allows us a real-time digital display for immediate adjustment, assuring accurate scans the first time.

Our imaging Technicians will scan the patient’s dentition and palatal area using our iTero impressionless scanner. Our Exclusive Invisalign® integration enable us to scan our patients for any Invisalign® aligner, or refinement that might be needed. The scan allows a real-time digital display allowing Dr. Alizadeh and Dr. Schreiner the ability to visualize your 3D model immediately.

This digital process allows us to submit your impressionless scan at the click of a button. Scans are sent at light speed. Your custom appliances or Invisalign® aligners are created, drastically cutting the amount of time it takes to design and construct Invisalign® aligners and providing you with a more comfortable fit.