How Orthodontists Utilize 3D Printing

3D printing is a cutting-edge technology that is changing the way the world looks at manufacturing. 3D printers take a digital model of a certain object, and then uses thin layers of resin, polymers, metal, or ceramic to recreate the digital model as a real, physical object. These printers have been used to make gadgets, home décor, tools, and yes, even orthodontic appliances!

3D printers are becoming a great tool for orthodontists to create even more customized, better-fitting appliances for our patients. Here are a couple reasons we love this technology!

How Does It Work?

With a 3D printer, the process is easy. First, our qualified ortho team will scan a patient’s mouth using an intraoral scanner. These scans help us get an accurate look at the shape and layout of a patient’s teeth and jaw, right down to the tiniest detail. We also avoid the gooey mess that usually comes with taking impressions.

From there, we create a digital model of the patient’s anatomy and how their appliance should fit in the mouth. Next, we print out the appliance using the highest quality material, then finally wash, dry, and process the appliance so it’s ready to use!

How Does It Help Patients?

For years, healthcare patients have had to make difficult decisions between affordable appliances, or ones that fit their own anatomy. In orthodontics, we have pioneered custom made pieces for many years, and now 3D printing has allowed us to create them with even more precision and speed.

At Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics, not only do we have our own 3D printer – we have an entire laboratory outfitted with high-tech equipment that helps us improve patient outcomes and make treatment extremely comfortable! Because we create patient appliances in-house with our own lab, we are able to work with a quick and easy turn-around, make on-site adjustments, and produce the highest quality appliances possible.

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