Baby Teeth and Orthodontics

Many kids still have a combination of baby teeth and adult teeth (or maybe still all baby teeth!) when a parent starts to think they might need braces someday. So when is the right time to take them to see Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics?

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends your child meet with an orthodontist when they turn 7 years old. This is a great time as their body (including jaw & teeth) are changing quickly, and they are beginning to learn how to care for themselves with things like good dental habits.

What is Phase 1 Treatment?

If your child isn’t quite ready for braces or clear aligner treatment, but they could benefit from some orthodontic assistance, we will start them in what’s called ‘phase 1’ treatment. During this phase, our orthodontists guide the growth of the jaw to make sure they’re ready for all their adult teeth to come in.

Phase 1 treatment may require some appliances like spacers or braces on certain teeth, but it is generally less intensive than full orthodontic treatment. These treatment options will definitely give your child a head-start when they’re ready for Phase 2, which will give them the easiest path towards a beautiful smile!

Issues to Look Out For

Another reason to take your child to the orthodontist by age 7 is because we can help diagnose potential issues, and help resolve them. Here are a few signs it’s time for your child to visit the orthodontist:

  • Baby teeth falling out early or late
  • Trouble chewing or biting down
  • Breathing through mouth
  • Speech difficulties

Fortunately, when you see an orthodontist early, we still have lots of time and many options to help create a healthy smile for your child! Don’t wait until they have all adult teeth (and all the issues that can come with them) – we have a special program designed with our kiddos in mind to make sure their experience is enjoyable and helpful. Best of all, initial consults are always free and easy to schedule online or by calling our office. We look forward to seeing you soon!