3 Things to Ask Your Orthodontist Before You Start Treatment

Beginning your orthodontic treatment is a big deal – and all the unknowns can be a little scary! At Alizadeh & Schreiner Orthodontics, our team wants to help you feel as comfortable and in-the-know as possible. Talk to your orthodontist about these three questions, then you’ll be able to kick off your treatment confidently:

1. What is your background/expertise?

It takes a lot of schooling to become an orthodontist, but to truly ensure you’re getting the best smile, ask about what other kinds of training your orthodontic team has. After orthodontic school, many ortho professionals will continue on with professional associations and education. They may even have awards or other accolades that let you know they are at the top of their field and will do a great job with your treatment (just like our team of rockstars!).

2. What kind of orthodontic options can you offer me?

To ensure you are getting a treatment option that is best for you, try to find an orthodontist who provides a variety of options. This way, you know they are taking the time to address your specific concerns and needs, instead of pushing all of their patients in a certain direction.

At Alizadeh & Schreiner, we offer complimentary consultations so you have an opportunity to meet your orthodontist and talk through your specific needs before committing to a certain treatment path. Do you need flexibility with your treatment? Do you just want the quickest option possible? Whatever you are looking for, find an office that will listen and help you reach your goals!

3. How will your team help support me while I’m in treatment?

The orthodontist you work with is certainly a huge part of how successful your treatment will be, but the team that supports them is just as important. Before starting orthodontic treatment, be sure to ask who will be available if you have questions, who you can call in case of an emergency, and what kind of educational resources they have to help you best take care of your ortho appliances.

We take pride in the outstanding 5-star service we offer each patient. Whether you are ready to start your journey to a straighter smile, or are just beginning to research your options, give us a call today!